Poor law amendment act 1834 essay

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The aims and principles of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act.

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English Poor Laws - Essay Example

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The Poor Law Act of sought to change the organization and basis of English poor relief policy. Central to the New Poor Law was the reduction of the authority of local parishes and the elimination of.

The Poor Law Amendment Act sometimes abbreviated to PLAA was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed by the Whig authorities of Lord Melbourne that reformed the country’s poorness alleviation system.

It was an Amendment Act that wholly replaced earlier statute law. The law we will watch being constructed is the Poor Law Amendment Act.

This is often called the new poor law and the law it amended is called the old or the Elizabethan poor law. Old and new poor laws provided support for people who became unemployed, sick, too old to work or who had more children than they could support, but the poor law tried to deter people from claiming these .

Poor law amendment act 1834 essay
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Looking at History: Poor Law reform