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This essay provides a brief background on the Kyoto protocol. Then it goes into the issues surrounding accounting for carbon. The starting place that needed to be addressed was how to account for carbon credits and the free allowances, next was the obligation. Free argumentative essay example on climate change - Kyoto agreement.

Kyoto Protocol Essay Sample

Many of the world’s most eminent economists and climate scientists gathered on October 11 th,at Harvard Kennedy School to celebrate and honor the career of Martin L.

Weitzman, professor of economics at Harvard University, who is “retiring” following four decades of research and writing which have illuminated thought and policy across a broad range of important realms.

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Kyoto Protocol Essay Words | 7 Pages decided in to start negotiations for a protocol that would legally bind nations to reductions and limitations in greenhouse gas emissions (Congressional Research Service Report ). Kyoto? Essays: OverKyoto? Essays, Kyoto?

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Essay on climate change - Kyoto agreement

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