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Beneath clouds essay

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Lena hitchhikes against a foreign blue sky. Mar 09,  · Beneath Clouds Feature film, written and directed by Ivan Sen in its beautiful pictures tell a thousand words about what it is to be young, dispossessed and facing a predetermined destiny in Australia.

Beneath Clouds Beneath Clouds is Ivan Senâs first full feature.

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It follows the journey of two teenagers, Lena and Vaughn, thrown together as their paths cross on the way to Sydney. They travel on foot along the roadside, not together but not alone. The review deals with both content and technique of an Australian indigenous film “Beneath the Clouds”.

Orientation: The first questions you should ask, as you skim the passage for a general overview are; Who, What, Where and Why? Mar 09,  · Beneath Clouds Feature film, written and directed by Ivan Sen in its beautiful pictures tell a thousand words about what it is to be young, dispossessed and facing a predetermined destiny in Australia.

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Beneath Clouds Practice Essay Notes To what extent is identity linked with destiny for the characters in ‘Beneath Clouds?’ In Ivan Sen’s ‘Beneath Clouds’ the protagonists, Lena and Vaughn, journey through the NSW outback towards Sydney.

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